Sams Medicare - the leading adult care service and provider of Medical Professionals.

About Sams Medicare


Sams medicare was founded in 2014, the company is managed & owned by an experienced senior mental health nurse with 15 years of experience of work in various places ie Forensic, Mental health, elderly and eating Disorders. Sam medicare is a CQC registered healthcare provider in Uk. We have reputation and experience in providing mental health nurses , mental health assessors and liaison nurses to support the mental healthcare trust.

Old and Young

We are also a healthcare staffing agency that provides the following:


  • As a healthcare staff agency, we specialised in providing mental healthcare staff to work with other mental healthcare trusts.

  • We provide mental health nurses,   support workers to work supported living, mental health trust and other private mental health providers such as Cygnet

  • We provide nurses and healthcare assistants to work  in the NHS Hospitals 

Safe Working Environment
Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Sam medicare is a CQC registered domiciliary Healthcare provider that has expertise in providing healthcare professionals with the following:


  • As a domiciliary healthcare provider, we specialize in providing healthcare services to our client users who need care in their own homes. Our specialised care to our client users with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke recovery and more.

  • As a domiciliary care agency, we also provide personal care for our client users, who need hourly care, live in 24hrs care, end of life and respite home care.

  • As an experienced mental health provider will provide care support for people with a learning disability and mental health. We provide mental health nurses, mental health assessors and liaison nurses & support workers .

Healthcare Workers

Sam medicare is an approved healthcare

a training provider that provides the following:

  • As a healthcare training provider with expertise in training staff within mental health industries, we provided certified training on MAPA and PMVA.

  • We provide mandatory training for health care professionals such as healthcare assistants, support workers and nurses.

  • We also facilitate diploma's and NVQ level courses